Earth elements embody the nurturing energy of Fall. They carry within them the incredibly creative and grounding energy which the planet herself offers. In Fall the energy relaxes into the Earth and settles back into our bodies, passing through our heart center before settling into the lower supporting center of the hips, legs and feet. This movement from the outer reaches of Summer to the inner depths of Fall gives Earth elements an embracing quality.
    When hugging an Earth element you can feel the nurturing and grounding energy they contain. There is often a feeling of safety within their supporting arms. If you have ever hugged someone and it felt like a big cuddly bear hug, you were probably hugging an Earth element. Earth elements have a very lovable quality that is similar to the love that many people feel for our home planet. This trait attracts loving energy from others without any particular effort on the part of the Earth element.
     The main theme running through an Earth element's life is the dynamic of stability vs. instability. Although this dynamic can be subtle, a principle motivating force behind many of an Earth element's decisions and actions is to experience and provide stability and to avoid the experience of instability. The earth herself provides us with such a consistent sense of physical grounding that we almost take it for granted. If you have ever experienced a major earthquake, however, you can begin to understand why an Earth element might feel the need to keep things steady.
     Earth elements can unconsciously associate happiness with comfort. This unconscious belief often keeps them focused on the material world to provide happiness via comfort. In addition, the earth provides for us so abundantly that Earth elements unconsciously feel the need and desire to provide physical abundance in a similar way.
     Although the top level of Earth energy corresponds to the outer physical world, if you sink in deeply enough you can tap into the creative current that moves below the Earth's surface. To experience the deeper gifts that the Earth element carries it is necessary to slow down enough to come into resonance with this subtler vibration. From this place Earth elements have the potential to have an incredibly rich inner life for the creativity inherent within the Earth herself is naturally accessible to them.

Earth/Air people embody the rich nurturance of Earth but are pulled upward towards lightness and outward activity. They can have a difficult time slowing down long enough to drop into their creative energy. They have a tendency to overextend and often try to be all things to all people making it challenging to set boundaries with their time and energy in order to care for themselves as well as they care for others. They tend to put on a happy face even when they are feeling down or troubled and often struggle with self-judgement far more than it appears. They are usually quite likeable and naturally charming and are happiest when exploring creatively.

Earth/Fire people embody the rich nurturance of Earth and are pulled downward towards the depths. In their natural mode they tend to move a little slower than those around them, and often feel the need to quicken their pace in order to keep up with the rest of the world and ensure financial stability. They are challenged to not let the physical level of concerns take over their life at the expense of creativity and individuality. They have a natural depth and warmth to their presence but must be willing to look deep within to uncover their true gifts.

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