Fire element people embody the powerful seed energy of Winter. In the Winter season, the energy is pulled into its most condensed state. When all the vitality that creates such abundance through Spring, Summer and Fall is focused into one place, it is naturally intensified. Therefore you often know when a Fire element has walked into a room simply by the intensity of their presence. Like the element of fire in nature, you naturally pay attention to their presence.
   Fire elements are often initiators and natural leaders. Many of them exude passion and exuberance in every movement, word and action. They can put a high value on achievement and success and sometimes rather blindly pursue their ambitions and goals. This kind of narrow focus is what most often leads to imbalance in a Fire element's life. When caught up in this mode they tend to put success above everything else and believe that it will lead them to happiness.   
   Fire energy runs up and down the spine and gets stored in the belly, including the sexual organs. The energy that Fire elements put out is not necessarily sexual, but it definitely has the powerful drive that we experience with sexuality.
   Each of the elements presents a unique lesson. The lesson of Fire energy revolves around the theme of power. Many Fire elements are caught in a trap where they strive for the experience of feeling powerful and unconsciously fear feeling powerless. Fire is innately powerful, and when disconnected from a deep and integrated place, it can be overpowering. Some Fire elements try to control or contain their energy, but Fire energy is far too intense to hold inside. The key with this element is to channel this strong energy in a positive direction toward things that they feel passionate about. When utilized in this way Fire elements have an incredible ability to inspire others. The ability to inspire others is truly a Fire elements greatest gift.

Fire/Earth people have the passion and intensity of Fire and are drawn towards the physical world. They usually like to work with their hands and have an affinity for the outdoors. They can have a tendency to get caught up in the acquisition of money, power or physical accumulation but are most satisfied when they honor their deep connection to the earth. They are often most comfortable interacting with others when engaged in some sort of physical activity such as sports, construction, love making, gardening or hiking. They like to be on the go and can have a hard time slowing down except when in nature, where a surprisingly centered and calm part of themselves is revealed.

Fire/Water people have the passion and intensity of Fire and are drawn towards the emotional world. They tend to be people oriented and can be very exuberant and charismatic. They are often incredible performers and thrive on the emotional interplay between themselves and the audience. They gravitate towards the dramatic and are challenged to experience and be guided by true feelings rather than getting caught up in the drama. They are usually more sensitive than they outwardly appear and can try to hide this sensitivity for it is in such contrast to the strength and confidence that they portray in the outer world.