As the Earth journeys through her seasons she offers us gifts to show us who we are. Each season embodies a different elemental energy which resonates with a particular aspect of the human experience and a distinct energy center within the body. People naturally focus on different aspects of life depending upon which elements they embody. Whether we are looking at the way a single individual interacts with life, an interaction between two people or a group of people - the elements teaching helps us to simplify and bring understanding to the experience.
     Each elemental combination has areas of life that come very easily and other areas that they struggle with. What is challenging for one is a breeze for another. Our tendency is to form opinions about people based on our own frame of reference. However, to judge others based on our natural abilities or to judge ourselves based on other people's natural abilities creates unnecessary insecurity and separation. The elements teaching can help us to understand and accept both our differences and our inherent strengths. In an atmosphere of acceptance, harmonious interaction among the elements becomes possible.

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